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A Truly Unique Danish Coca-Cola Commercial

A hidden camera, a green screen, an unsuspecting crowd and a little moviemaking magic are the main ingredients of this very funny stunt.

To encourage cinemagoers to stay quiet during a film, they were digitally inserted into fake film trailers.

In the middle of the supposed preview, viewers suddenly saw themselves on the screen consuming coke and popcorn in the middle of the action.

Every year Coca-Cola reminds people to keep quiet in the cinema. When you make noise during the movie you become part of the movie.

And its just not the same with you in it. This was a staged event to overdramatise that message.

When visiting the cinema you often have to deal with a soundtrack of slurps, munches and chatters.

Coca-Cola showed moviegoers in Copenhagen just how annoying that kind of behaviour can be for other people.

An alternative Danish Coca-Cola commercial filmed in the Palace Cinema in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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