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TV2 Denmark: All That We Share

All That We Share, is a strategic piece created for Denmark’s most watched family of channels, TV2. The film was made to communicate the channel’s new strategy internally and externally. The strategy, All That We Share, is about focusing on the things that unite us in these dividing times.

There is a global discourse that our societies are falling apart. In Denmark, the debate is most often about cohesiveness and even in the homogeneous Danish society, it sometimes sounds like the different groups have nothing or very little in common. And if you want to be a TV channel for everyone, you must believe that we do have a lot of things in common. But it is a political statement to say it. Therefore, we needed to show it.

TV 2 is Denmark’s most broadcaster and the film was made to launch “All That We Share” as their new channel strategy internally and externally. The target group was everyone in Denmark, but we also aimed to make people talk about the film internationally – as that makes better PR stories in Danish media (We like it when other countries talk about us – we call it “small state mentality”). The approach was to make a piece that not only conveyed the position of “All that we share”, but was also worth sharing and thereby proved the position. A self-fulfilling strategic film about inclusive programming and all the things we have in common, disproving the tendencies of segmentation and social media “bubbles” and “echo chambers”. The film was also created to set the tone for future programs on TV 2’s main channel.

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