The Original Tuborg Julebryg Commercial – now in a 360° version


The original Tuborg Julebryg (‘Christmas brew’) commercial, first aired in 1984 and shown every year since.

This famous animated commercial, which features Santa Claus in blue clothing, is actually older than the beer itself.

The commercial was originally launched in 1980 as a special holiday commercial for ordinary Tuborg pilsner, but it became so popular that for Christmas 1981 Tuborg Christmas Brew was created.

Watch the original commercial on top of the article.

In 2013 aired a Russian version of this traditional Tuborg Christmas Brew commercial:

In the new 2015-version Santa Claus looses his gifts and is helped by the postman – sponsored by the Danish postal service:

In 2016 a 360° behind-the-scenes version aired:

Tuborg Christmas Brew is a seasonal winter beer with dark-golden colour and fresh flavor. It is available on the market only from November till middle of January.

Tuborg says about the beer: The beer itself is a bottom-fermented wiener beer brewed on lager, münchener and caramel malt, and added English liquorice. The beer is dark-golden with a fresh aroma of caramel, cereal, liquorice and blackcurrant.