Do it forever – Hilarious Danish Sex Travel Ad For Elderly Couples


Is sex the secret to eternal life?

It turns out that Danish couples have much less sex after having children. This continues througout life, and affects both health and life expectancy. But maybe it doesn’t have to be this way.

New research shows that exotic holidays increase the chances for sex with 102%. Sex on a regular basis boosts the immune system, strengthens the heart and much more. it can extend your life by up to 8 years.

Mission Accomplished

The Danes have shown their true colors and again the birth rate is rising. But now that the nation’s future is ensured, we have encountered a new problem.

Unfortunately, Danish couples have far less sex after having had children and this affects not only the relationship but also the health and thereby the life expectancy. But there’s hope ahead.

It turns out that as a fact the Danes have 102% more sex on exotic holidays and that regular sex can prolong your life with up to 8 years. Therefore, Spies Travel now introduces the DO IT FOREVER Loyalty Programme.

The more children you have, the bigger the discount you’ll get on our exotic holidays. Not just once, but for the next many years. You don’t stop having sex because you’re getting old – you get old because you stop having sex.

The controversial Danish travel agency ‘Spies Travel’ now introduce a new ‘Do it Forever’ loyalty programme with a built in fertility bonus. And yes, the pilots are the Olsen Brothers.

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