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Voteman – Violent and Pornographic Danish Election Campaign

The Danish Parliament has taken down a new video urging people to vote in the upcoming European elections in 2014 just one day after publishing it

Mr. Mogens Lykketoft, the speaker of The Danish Parliament writes on the parliament’s official website:

– Many people whose opinions I deeply respect have perceived the cartoon from the EU information centre as far more serious and offensive than it was intended, and believe it talks down to young people. I acknowledge that in the future Folketinget as an institution has to show more caution in terms of what we put our name to.

A Liberal Alliance party MP says to the news agency Ritzau:

– I can’t understand that you would use violence against women, porn, severed heads and the handout of I don’t know how many slaps as an argument for people to go and vote.

Watch the campaign video here.

Turn on English subtitles.

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