Friday, December 2, 2022

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The Tour de France is coming to Denmark 2022

In 2022 The Tour de France is coming to Denmark – the land of everyday wonder.

Copenhagen – the world’s most bicycle-friendly city

Bike bridges, cycle superhighways and many other innovative solutions makes
Copenhagen the world’s most bicycle friendly city.

The one thing visitors to Copenhagen comment on the most is the many bikes. You see the fastrolling spinners pacing into work overtaking families in cargo bikes. Kids cycle with their parents, and both the young and the more mature use the bike to get around the city. Two out of five trips to work and school in Copenhagen are done by bike, and Dronning Louise’s Bridge alone is crossed by 40,000 cyclists daily.

What is it that makes the Danish capital such a great city for bikes? Copenhagen ranks as the best bike city in the world due to the infrastructure, making cycling both convenient, safe, and fast. In Copenhagen, you will find curb separated bicycle tracks, bike-bridges across its canals, cycle superhighways, traffic lights, and green waves for two-wheeled commuters. These are just a few examples of Copenhagen’s way of designing a city for life, where bikes outnumber cars, and where a cargo bike to take your kids to school is cooler than an SUV.

Choosing the bike is not only for those bright summer days. Winter can get cold, but still Copenhageners are seen on their bikes all year round. This is not due to the locals being
genetically disposed towards cycling. It is a matter priority. In the past years, the city has had a consistent focus on bicycle-centric urban planning, with focus on a safe, well connected, and user-friendly bicycle infrastructure, making cycling the best way to get around.

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